Welcome to Feel The Dream

Here was are, just a mtter of days after celebrating the birthday of a great man and the launch of  Feel The Dream, a project dedicated to the celebration of freedom, and motivated by examples of positive, participatory pro-activism, street art and in particular ... flash mobs & the use of public places to stage peaceful, creative and thought provoking 'happenings', deliberately designed to make people stop, think and reconsider their positions as mere 'passers by' in the events of their day to day lives.

Most importantly, it was inspired by the legendary, renowned and historic words of Dr Martin Luther King in his inspirational ‘I Have A Dream’ speech of 1963.

Specifically, we intend to use Dr King’s words to inspire new generations and captivate fresh imaginations, whilst releasing renewed interpretations and meaning to the words ‘freedom and brotherhood’ ... interpretations far beyond the confines and constraints against which the oratory originally was aimed so perfectly when it was voiced all those years ago. 

This concept was in no small part inspired by our signature track, a unique remix of his dance floor classic ‘Can You Feel It’ by DJ Larry Heard AKA Mr Fingers. You can hear this track here or see it for yourselves immediately below these words. There are also links to our Facebook group and our YouTube channel´s unique one long soundtrack mix culminating with this track, which you can find by clicking on either of the images on the right of these words.

Whilst, uniquely, we want to vigousously encourage people to joyously celebrate the freedoms they are lucky enough to enjoy, we fully realise that we do not yet live in such an ideal world.

And so we will be actively supporting the following three charities, Amnesty International, War Child & the Martin Luther King Foundation ... who are, respectively standing up for those being brutally denied those rights,  helping the most innocent victims in war zones (harmless children) & leading educational campaigns on civil liberties, human rights and universal brotherhood. Please look out for future announcements and links with regard these developments.
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